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Sleep lecture at Universiteit van Nederland


On November 7, 2018, The 'University of the Netherlands' hosted a series of lectures about sleep for a completely sold-out AIR Amsterdam.

Prof. dr. Dr Sebastiaan Overeem started that night, with the lecture:

Why can not you remember that you fell asleep?
In this lecture you will learn how we learned from the special disorder narcolepsy about the process of the sleep-wake switch.

Together with the lectures of dr. Dalene van Heugten (Maastricht University), Prof. dr. Dr. Bert van der Horst (Erasmus MC), Dr. ir. Lucia Talamini (UvA) and Dr. Annemarie Luik (Erasmus MC), it was a very interesting evening.

Monday 7 January at 8.30 pm, the first lecture can be watched online !

Photo: Joshua Kloet, Source; Universiteit van Nederland

Pecha Kucha Night Eindhoven VOL 31


20 slides x 20 seconds. A good idea doesn’t take long to explain! After 400 seconds it’s the next speaker’s turn. This creates a night full of inspiration.

This edition among others: Maarten Hornikx (on his collaboration with Oculus for the perfect Virtual Reality acoustics), Sebastiaan Overeem (on his research intro more easily accesible, less cumbersome and more user-friendly measuring methods for sleep disorders), Yasin Toparlar (on designing the climates of cities), and Rohan Joshi (on neonatal monitoring).


November 29, 2018 @ Temporary Art Centre (TAC) Eindhoven
Pecha Kucha Night Eindhoven is produced jointly by Studium GeneraleBROET and TAC.


'People with a sleep disorder have no use for gadgets'


A bracelet that accurately records how well you sleep. The brand new Professor in Sleep Sebastiaan Overeem (from TU Eindhoven) works on this issue. An interview about how bad sleep is researched and what the benefits are of the current gadgets, apps and other tools.

Read the interview (in Dutch) on Kennislink.nl

Picture; Kempenhaeghe. Bron: Kennislink, March ,2018

On Tuesday February 13th, 2018, Prof.dr. Overeem gave an interview at

BNR News Radio about the development of sleep research and

measuring sleep more comfortably for patients.
Click below to listen (in Dutch). The interview lasts until 7:50 minutes.
BNR News Radio - Wireless sleeping

Prof. dr. Overeem happily walking down the stairs of the 'Blauwe Zaal' at  TU/e, after successfully delivering his inaugural lecture.
Photo credits: Odette Beekmans

Intreerede Prof.dr. Sebastiaan Overeem

Datum: 19 januari 2018
Tijd: 16:00 - 18:00
Locatie: Auditorium, Blauwe Zaal

Prof.dr. Sebastiaan Overeem was appointed part-time professor of Intelligent Systems for Sleep Disorders, in the Departments of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Design at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) on June 1, 2017. He delivered his inaugural lecture on Friday, January 19, 2018.


"We are working on ways to explore sleep more efficiently, by studying cases in the clinic as well as in the home situation. Besides that it is more comfortable for the patient to be at home, it makes it easier to measure over a long period of time. This is important because sleep is influenced by the environment and sleep problems periodically vary".

"At the moment, we usually focus on the subjective judgment of the patient for the evaluation of the treatment. Even though this is important it does not always provide full insight.  The chair 'Intelligent systems for sleep disorders' , combined with the work we do at Kempenhaeghe, makes it possible to develop new technologies and to test them directly on patients with sleep disorders. This way we hope to be able to measure the effect of treatment more accurately, in addition to getting a better diagnosis.

More accurate and long-term studies of sleep will also help us to gather knowledge about the onset of the more than 80 sleep disorders we currently know and maybe even about syndromes of sleep still unknown to us."

Invitation inaugural lecture 'A Somnologist’s Dream' (140 KB)